Q. Is it free to list items on your site?

A. Unfortunately no, we do offer Packages, you can find these here "Packages

Q. What do you charge?

A. We charge just the package price, we also take a small percentage of each individual sale.

Q. Can I promote other merch websites on my social media platforms while I sell merch through JNS CLOTHING? 

A. No, when you join us your merch is exclusively sold through our website and channels, if you are advertising other merch providers and continually do so, this will lead to your store being shut down.

Q. Can I sell my merchandise through other retailers and sites while selling through JNS Clothing?

A. No, as the previous answer states your merch is exclusively with us, if you continually sell using other merch providers your store will be removed from our website and channels. 

Q. How long is the store creation process with JNS Clothing?

A. Please allow up to 3-5 days for your store package to be completed.

Q. When my merchandise is sold how do you send payments?

A. We pay every every Friday via PayPal Payments

Q. Do I need to pay taxes on my merchandise sold?

A. Yes, Ofcourse, as JNS Clothing is recognized as a seller you are liable for declaring all of your income from us with the correct tax agencies and governments.

Q. I live outside the U.S., can I open a store with JNS Clothing?

A. Yes! we currently have creators and teams from all over the globe!

Q. How old do I need to be to apply?

A. You must be 18 to apply and receive payments or 16 with your parents permission and signed declaration. 

Q. What is the best and fastest way to contact JNS Clothing about any store or program questions?

A. Send all inquiries to info@jnsclothing.com